Newest Coping Mechanism for Veterans

Starting off 2018, there are new and exciting breakthroughs that are constantly evolving to work towards improving everyday life for people around the world. Thinking specifically about the apps that have been created to make the overall economy’s life easier daily, but how many apps are available specifically for veterans?

National Geographic and agency 360i have worked together to create Bravo Tango Brain Training, the first voice activated meditation app targeted towards veterans. Bravo Tango is intended to help veterans cope with the everyday struggles that come with being reintegrated into their everyday life.

According to the developers, Bravo Tango Brain Training’s main characteristics are:
-Mood recognition
-Crisis response tactics
-Situation- specific meditations
-Veterans resource info

Veterans often fail to get the help they need once they return home, with Bravo Tango Brain Training there is now a new way to help veterans improve their mental health all from within the comfort of their home and on their own time.

By giving veterans an additional resource to use at their own convenience it not only enhances their mental health support system, but also eliminates the hassle of having to directly confide in another person about their feelings.

In today’s society there is almost an app for everything, whether that be dieting, exercising, or dating, so it only makes sense that there is an app created to improve the mental health of the men and women who have fought for our country. Technological advancements and how quickly they are occurring is a controversial topic among many but when looking at technology in terms of being able to improve the mental health of someone, there are truly no downfalls.

To read further details about Bravo Tango Brain Training, please read here.