Lacoste For A Cause

Last week, Lacoste announced that it replaced its famous crocodile logo on limited edition polo shirts. We’ve seen brands release limited edition merchandise as more of a marketing tactic to promote exclusivity and generate buzz in the past. This time Lacoste is doing so to raise awareness and support a very important cause.

The campaign is called Save Our Species. The iconic logo was replaced with 10 different endangered species. 1,775 shirts are being launched during the brands runway show in Paris. To raise awareness on how many of these species are left Lacoste produced only a certain number of shirts. The number of shirts produced corresponds to how many of the species are left.

The list of endangered animals:

  1. The Anegada Ground Iguana
  2. The Sumatran Tiger
  3. The Saola
  4. The California Condor
  5. The Cao-vit Gibbon
  6. The Kakapo
  7. The Javan Rhino
  8. The Northern Sportive Lemur
  9. The Burmese Roofed Turtle
  10. The Vaquita

When buying a polo, you participate in helping Lacoste and its partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the fight for wild life conservation.

Let’s take the time to commend Lacoste and how they are using this unique platform to raise awareness of the very important issue of endangered species. This can bring conversation to the table of how other brands can raise the same awareness of other causes. It’s an interesting trend to keep your eye out on and see how one can incorporate it into brands.

Check out how many shirts Lacoste is making for each species: