How Social Media has Changed the face of Marketing

Traditional marketing has transformed in how businesses develop over the last century. The key to staying current is creating a strong social media strategy and brand presence right from the start. The creation and maintenance of a brand is what keeps your current and potential clients updated and involved with you.

The evolution of social media has been the fastest growing trend that’s been transforming the way we do business in person and online. Our advances in technology have created a story of establishing and nurturing personal connections from near and far away.The notion of distance no longer has the same significance as it had before in the barrier of communication between business and consumer.

It has come a long way from being a basic direct electronic information exchange, and evolved into a virtual place to hangout, and a sophisticated retail platform. This is the most vital marketing tool of the 21st century, and it has drastically changed since the early digital network initially debuted. It was originally created by the United States Department of Defense, and it’s sole purpose was to allow scientists at four interconnected universities to share all their current software and data with each other.

As social media grew, companies began to shift their marketing strategies. They started to incorporate this new method to cultivate a new, active and engaged social media presence. For this reason utilizing social media marketing brings measurable value in increasing brand awareness and in learning about their competitors, which results in generating leads and improves conversions. It develops and nurtures new relationships with potential and current customers.

It’s imperative to develop a consistent branding on all social media platforms first. It is the main foundation of the branding process.  Then it’s marketing to a targeted audience that has shown prior interest in your product. Developing and maintaining a consistent social media presence is also a must.

One of the most personal ways to get a message across to your audience is through video marketing. Utilizing video helps you grow your brand. It’s inviting and presents you in the best light possible to all of your potential clients. Video gives a very positive ROI. It’s a great investment for lead generation and brand awareness. It’s entertaining, engaging, and easy to consume. This will lead to a positive brand credibility. It helps in allowing prospects to get to know you and it’s imperative in keeping the existing client base.

Insight tell a story

Analyzing data helps to better understand your customers. As a result it improves campaign decisions. Utilizing Fan Insights on Facebook is a great tool for tracking, it has it’s own version of analytics that show a variety of metrics. This shows you exactly where your traffic comes from and is important in measuring the overall success of a campaign. It also lets you know who is on your page, and how they got there. It’s vital to know if it’s with a specific targeting campaign, or a sponsored boosted post.

When it comes to content creation, strive to create more content that people are interacting with the most. Learn to use demographics that will give you a great look into who the majority of your audience is. It will also show you where they are geographically. Finally, get to know who your audience truly is, and produce content that aligns with them directly and educated them on how your brand can help then achieve their goals.