Facebook is Stepping Up

Facebook is stepping up in a big way for the little guys. They have recently announced that they are putting 3 million dollars towards helping small news publishers. The program is helping them boost their digital presence using a three-month local news subscription accelerator. This will help the publishers build customer acquisition on and off the social network.

Among these news publishers, South Florida’s very own, Miami Herald is included. Participants of the program will be coached by digital media subscription experts that will help tackle their specific needs.

The program is called The Facebook Journalism Project. Along with the specialized mentor programs and seminars, they are prioritizing posts from local news publishers on people’s newsfeeds.

This is an interesting direction Facebook is taking. With today’s climate people seem to be skeptical of major news publications. In establishing this program, Facebook is putting emphasis on local publications. This will not only help local news thrive but it will allow people to seek them out over bigger, more washed out, news publishers. This is a win-win situation.

We have been hearing in the news that Facebook is changing its algorithm and we believe this is part of that change, taking a step back from the “big money” corporations. Facebook is realizing bigger isn’t always better.

To read more about what other publications are part of this program click on the link below.