A New Shopping Experience Coming Soon to an Instagram Account Near You

Don’t you wish you could try before you buy, without ever having to leave your couch? Facebook is working hard to bring that experience to you on Instagram through Spark AR.

The platform is currently partnering with select brands, allowing you to virtually try on products before you press “Add to Cart”. Curious of the brands included in this initial trial? So far, Warby Parker, Ray-Ban, and MAC and NARS Cosmetics are able to offer users an experience.

Honestly, we are excited. For so long we’ve waited for Instagram to dominate the eCommerce world and this is one of the bigger steps they are taking to move forward. We are looking forward to one day being able to utilize this technology in our own advertisements!

We’d love to know your thoughts! Let us know what brands you’ve interacted with and what you’re looking forward to seeing in the future!