Automotive Digital Marketing Trends

Digital media has had a massive impact on the automotive industry. This incredible growth has been attributed to all the changes in technology and new production systems. The main focus has been the continual sustainability of generating leads from online ads. This is the start of mapping the customer experience.

A recent study has shown that the overall journey of purchasing a car lasts from 5 to 12 weeks. The consumer will want to educate themselves first by conducting online searches. First they find the brands that interest them, followed by learning all the important details of the vehicles they can see themselves in.

The beginning phase is very important because it sets the tone for their entire experience. This is the time where they read reviews and ask others what their opinions are. It is also when they are most impressionable by online ads. This is precisely when a digital ad is most effective. They will surely see it while scrolling on their Facebook or Instagram feed.


A lot will happen digitally before they make it to the next step of walking into a dealership. The main focus is to make sure they walk into your dealership first over a competitors to conduct a test drive. 72% of buyers using their smartphones are more likely to visit more than one dealership before making their decision. The U.S automotive sector has invested more than $3.43 billion in mobile ads, this is a staggering 47% of all investments are in digital marketing.

Mobile ads have shown to increase conversions by 45%, which is higher than the traditional marketing techniques. Digital advertising offers the ability to target consumers in ways that no other medium can match. From dreaming and researching, to deciding and buying, it’s an investment worth making.