Tips to Successfully Marketing in a Recession

The best strategy to marketing during a recession is to mainly focus on the existing clientele first. It’s a more effective method because they are already familiar with your brand and your product. They know the quality which has been previously provided to them. They are now part of a loyal customer base that are more likely to do business with you again, then go to an unknown competitor. This is the main asset during a recession, repeat customers are much easier to sell to.

Make your existing clients feel appreciated by staying in constant touch with them through personal yet informative emails, creating special discounts that are exclusive to them, and most important of all, make them feel appreciated. They are the ones that will always be recommending you to their own network and introduce new prospects to your services.

An appreciated customer is a loyal one for life. They are also the most organic marketing asset you can have. Consumers don’t like the feeling of being sold to, they first like the feeling of being acknowledged and having an emotional connection to the brand. Once that’s established and maintained, they will automatically come back to you and refer you.

It’s imperative to authentically engage with your audience. That includes former and future customers. When they message you or make a comment on any of your social media platforms, they must get a fast response back. That will make them feel heard and will create the emotional attachment to your brand.
The best marketing is a combination of these things.

  • Providing a great product.
  • Knowing your current and potential audience well.
  • Consistently showing up for them.
  • Provide quality content through blog posts, emails, and on social media platforms.

This is exactly why a genuine online presence is key during this time. Advertising campaigns that focused on emotional engagement, turned out to be much more profitable than campaigns that prioritized strictly on sales messages.

This is obtained when the focus shifts more towards creating content that caters to your customers doubts and questions. They want to feel reassured they are making the right buying decision. This means that you need to take the time to truly get to know your customer. It’s an investment worth making where both parties win.

Regardless of the current market situation, people will still want to buy and consume products. They will always want to add to the quality of their life. They will want the best value and will think of your brand first when they are in need of what your services provide.