Top Marketing Trends of 2021

The year of 2020 has changed the way we consume content and the way we make purchasing decisions. It has also shaped our views on brands as a whole. The events of last year has given us an in depth look into their credibility and the core values they posses. The way a consumer measures the trustworthyness of a brand is how they show up for them without expecting anything in return.

As we’re well into the first quarter of this new year, we can see the difference this has made. The brands that were consistent in keeping in touch with their consumers are skyrocketing in sales now. This shows how maintaining a loyal customer base pays off. As things are returning to a more normal state now, more people are looking to invest and to upgrade.

Here are some of the findings of last year that has shaped the marketing trends of 2021:

  • Brands that were seen as purposeful grew 2 times faster compared to other brands. They are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience.
  • Empathy and customer experience.The pandemic changed the way customers digested information. What was a normal way to advertise to them now seems cold and impersonal.
  • Creating personalized marketing strategies. What they want is comfort and understanding from the brands they’ve come to trust. Consumers will continue to gravitate to this individual kind of attention.
  • Reconfigure marketing operations and transform them, greater productivity will follow.
  • Consumers don’t respond well with generic ads. Personalized, triggered emails and ads based on behavior and interest are 3x more effective.