New Diet Coke ALERT!

Coca-Cola just announced they are making massive changes to Diet Coke. No need to fear diet soda lovers, the original Diet Coke flavor will remain untouched. Rafael Acevedo, Coca Cola North America’s Group Director commented “It used to be that Diet Coke was very glossy…superficial, skewing female”. With this in mind, Diet Coke is looking to change the direction of its campaign, not limiting themselves to their usual female audience. Along with their original flavor, Diet Coke has added a lineup of new and fresh flavors in their campaign called “Get a Taste”.

The new “Get A Taste” flavors include:

  • Feisty Cherry
  • Zesty Blood Orange
  • Twisted Mango
  • Ginger Lime

This new campaign is more aggressively targeting millennials as a whole by making its product look and feel more slim and sleek. These changes include changes to the design, the 12oz slim cans and their more “authentic” flavors. This can also be linked to the fact that the soda industry has been in the decline for several years now. Since millennials are overpowering the consumer market, these health-conscious changes might help Diet Coke make a comeback. Will this new campaign help Diet Coke or will consumers see right through it? We will have to wait and see but as of now, I think we’re all excited to give them a try!

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