Instagram Allows Advertisers to Promote Branded Content

We all do it. We find someone we like and admire on Instagram, follow their account, comment on their photos, and, when they promote a product they endorse, we buy from them. Why? Because we trust them.

Brands know this, and, now, Instagram is taking it a step forward by allowing advertisers to promote branded content. What does this mean? Well, for starters, brands will now be able to turn an influencer’s organic post into a paid promotion. This means that branded ads will show up in your feed if you fit their targeting criteria, even if you don’t follow the influencer.

Influencers will have to allow brands to do this, of course. They will need to tag the brand they are working with and then allow them to promote their posts for this new feature to work. You may be wondering how this is going to provide more value than influencers already have over their followers: promoting branded content is going to allow businesses to reach even more people while also ensuring they are getting the most out of their partnership with their influencers.