Facebook Portal is Getting Interesting

When Facebook announced Facebook Portal last year, a smart display screen created to rival Google and Apple, we weren’t convinced we should reach into our personal wallets and make the leap. No matter how much we pine for new gadgets.

The Facebook Portal is perfect for video messaging friends and family without having to deal with the pain of a cramped arm, allowing you to walk in a 140-degree field of view. The camera automatically zooms and pans to focus on you. Cool, right? But it wasn’t enough.

This year, at the F8 conference, Facebook announced it was making some big changes to Portal that got us interested in the product once and for all. With all of the privacy concerns Facebook has been dealing with recently, it was a relief to hear they were bringing WhatsApp messenger to the device. This means your video chats will be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring safe communication for you and preventing any third-parties from accessing your data. Not only will your conversations now be more secure, you’ll also get new AR effects and a story-reading mode later this summer. Which we will definitely be on the lookout for.

Do you have a Portal in your household? If so, we’d love to know your thoughts about the device. Let us know if we should nudge our CEO into getting one for our conference room.